Barn Owl Webcam

Barn Owl Webcam

Meet our pair of adult Barn Owls happily nesting at Blue House Farm in North Fambridge.

Photo: Danny Green / 2020VISION

Our live Barn Owl webcam, from a nest box on our Blue House Farm nature reserve, is back, for the seventh year in a row.

Barn Owls have successfully raised young in the nest every summer since we started the live broadcast, in 2012. Last year two chicks fledged; the year before three and we've even had two broods! 

Blue House Farm, on the north bank of the River Crouch Estuary, in North Fambridge, is perfect for the owls, with a good supply of voles and other prey in the fields of the coastal grazing marsh, sections of which we manage to help the owls to hunt successfully. Most years, two or three pairs of Barn Owls nest on the reserve, with our camera nest, in a barn close to the reserve entrance, a favoured breeding site for many years.

A loyal 'Barny Army' of online followers has grown, with the nest watched avidly by people from as far afield as the USA and New Zealand, as well as here in the UK, all fascinated by the amazing insight into the world of breeding Barn Owls.

Thank you to everyone for their interest in and support of these magical birds.

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Wednesday 17th April - 1st egg laid
Saturday 20th April - 2nd egg laid
Monday 22nd April - 3rd egg laid
Wednesday 24th April - 4th egg laid
Friday 26th April - 5th egg laid
Monday 29th April - 6th egg laid 
- - - - - - - - -
Wednesday 22nd May - 1st egg hatched
Friday 24th May - 2nd egg hatched
Sunday 26th May - 3rd egg hatched
Tuesday 28th May - 4th egg hatched 
Saturday 1st June - 5th egg hatched
6th egg didn't hatch
- - - - - - - - -
Monday 3rd June - We have sadly lost the 2 smallest chicks
Tuesday 9th July - The 3 remaining Owlets were ringed by BTO

This is live, unedited footage of Barn Owls; at times, it is possible that there may be disturbing images of the natural world. These are wild birds; we are not allowed to interfere with breeding Barn Owls or their nest.

Please note, due to the remoteness of Blue House Farm, the camera connection can be cut off occasionally, but we are aware of the issues and work to get them fixed as quickly as possible. In some cases, refreshing the page can work.

Barn Owl ringing

Our owlets were ringed on Tuesday 9th July by BTO (British Trust for Ornithology), they hold the required licenses to handle Barn Owls. Our owlets are now 7 weeks old and most are ringed around this stage. Owl ringing provides important information that underpins conservation work for owls in the same way as for all other birds. Records of great longevity show that ringing has no impact on the birds’ health or survival. 

Owlet 1
We believe this is a female, it had quite a lot of spotting on its flanks.
Weight 428g, measured 97/92mm
Owlet 2
Sex unknown (unfortunately this one was too young to tell).
Weight 395g, measured 63/61mm
Owlet 3
Sex unknown (again this one was too young to tell).
Weight 390g, measured 53/51mm