The Naze in July

Photo: Tom Marshall

Summer is here, the Naze is teeming with an abundance of wildlife.

Kestrels hunt on the cliff top in search of their next meal, common blue butterflies dance their ever graceful ballet in the wind and oystercatchers tend to their biological urge and begin to brood on the foreshore. Hamford Water national nature reserve is a key breeding ground for seals at this time of year. Common seal adult mothers give birth to their pups and the need for a safe environment is of utmost importance. Only experienced local tour guides for seal watching tours should be used and if travelling around the inlets on a boat, disturbances must be kept to a minimum.  For experienced, guided, Wildlife Boat Trips please contact 07806 309460 or 07596 597615.

Conservation is key during the summer period as plastic on the beaches can increase dramatically. The Naze centre has regular beach cleans each month and we invite people of all ages to attend. The next beach clean is on the 8th of August from 11am to 1pm, please bring weather appropriate clothing, suitable footwear, and a water bottle. 

All of the litter collected will go toward the construction of a four-meter-long common seal sculpture, made from plastic bottles, plastic bags, orange construction fencing and a six-person tent found on the far end of the local beach. This is a community project to educate, inspire and empower the people of Walton, Frinton and a far to conserve the marine environment that surrounds the United Kingdom. The sculpture will be unveiled at the marine celebration day event on the 24th of August 2019. The event starts at 10am and continues until 4pm. For more information or to book please contact the Naze centre on 01255 679379. 

Take a look next month for our August blog and enjoy the summer ahead!