The Naze in May!

Summer is lingering on the horizon and the grand Solis is beginning to illuminate the Naze. The Northern hemisphere is shaking off the winter blues and wearing a technicolour coat of spring flora... life is flourishing! We are in the pinnacle of spring and a plethora of wildlife is making an appearance, dawn brings a chorus of bird song that vibrates through the landscape and tired eyes open once again to witness the spectacle that is mother nature.
Little Egret Fishing

Photo: Luke Massey/2020VISION

Flock to see the birds

There has been an array of aerial displays from avian visitors at the Naze, captured by the binoculars of avid birdwatchers and recorded frequently. Birds sighted include waders such as the first Spoonbill spotted at the Naze, to the Little Egrets wondering on the shoreline. The Naze has a documented spectrum of 133 species and 3 subspecies of birds. Kestrels nest in the Naze tower and Sand Martins’ nest in their ancient cliff face breeding grounds. Throughout the year and all seasons, the Essex Wildlife Trust team hosts a range of bird-watching tours. Find out more here 

Plastic pollution

A mission is well underway. Volunteers and the community have taken up arms in the fight against plastic pollution on the Naze beaches. With bucket and litter picker in hand, rain, hail, wind or shine. The community of Walton-on-the-Naze and conservationists from afar are scouring the beaches in search of a common enemy, plastic. Over one hundred kilograms of plastic has been collected so far. This includes fishing rope, cotton bud sticks, tents, inflatable dinghies and more! If you are reading this blog, then you too can help in this global struggle. All the plastic collected will go towards the creation of a sculpture on the 24th of August 2019 that will physically show the severity of the plastic pollution situation on the shores of England.

 For more information or to book on to a beach clean please contact the Naze centre. Tel: 01255 679379 or email:

Pill Box at The Naze