KS1 and 2

Key Stage 1 & 2 programmes

Our extensive programme of activities makes the most of our beautiful nature reserves to provide ample opportunities for outdoor learning. We provide all the risk assessments, equipment and expertise and we have the Learning Outside the Classroom Quality badge. All our activities can be adapted to meet all learning needs and our sites are accessible. The workshops are also available to be brought to your site by our Outdoor Learning team.

Topics covered include minibeasts, pond dipping, bushcraft, trees and plants, rivers, habitats, identification and classification, seasons, orienteering, evolution and adaptation, rocks and soils, local history, orchard and apple days, plasticology, water cycle, natural art, food farming and wildlife, senses, coasts and beaches, forest school and wildlife areas.

Select from the activities below and contact us to create a programme that meets your needs.

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KS12 Pond dipping

Pond dipping

Use pond dipping equipment to uncover the secret lives of pond creatures. Includes identification, food chains, life cycles and habitats.

KS12 Minibeasts


Use trays nets and pots to collect minibeasts from different habitats. Includes identification, camouflage, food chains and life cycles.

KS12 Bushcraft


Team building challenges, shelter making, fire lighting, rope work and green woodwork.

KS12 Trees and Plants

Trees and Plants

The magical world and folklore of trees and plants will be revealed. Identification, life cycles, seed dispersal and pollination.

KS12 Rivers


Use equipment to uncover the secret world of river wildlife and measure flow. Understand how the river goes from source to sea.

KS12 Habitats


Explore different habitats and the living things found there. Could include minibeast hunting, pond dipping, bird watching and more.

KS12 Identification and classification

Identification and classification

Develop skills to identify different plants and animals using keys and learn how living things are similar or different to one another.

KS12 Seasons


Learn about the world around you, how it changes throughout the year and how this affects plants and animals.

EY12 Senses


Make smelly potions, hear birds and the wind, find hidden camouflaged caterpillars, feel prickles and feathers and walk in the treetops.

KS12 Orienteering


Navigate your way around using basic orienteering skills. Work as a team to complete challenges and learn how to use a map and compass.

KS12 Nature art

Nature art

Explore nature looking for different colours and textures. Use natural materials to create pictures and outdoor works of art.

KS12 Evolution and Adaptation

Evolution and Adaptation

Learn how living things have adapted to survive in their different habitats. Discuss the role of evolution in the process of adaptation.

KS12 Rocks and Soils

Rocks and Soils

Learn about the geology of your local area or a nature reserve of your choice. Explore types of rocks found and investigate the soils.

KS12 Local history

Local history

Learn about a former World War I airfield at Ingrebourne Valley or visit the Haven Plotlands Museum on our Langdon site.

KS12 Food, Farming and Wildlife

Food, Farming and Wildlife

FREE one class visits to Abbotts Hall Farm to discover farm wildlife and crops; make bread and eat it too!

KS12 Coasts and Beaches

Coasts and Beaches

Visit your local beach with us to guide you. Explore the habitats of the coast, identify marine wildlife and create beach art.

KS12 Orchard and apple days

Orchard & Apple days

Apple tasting, local heritage and folklore. Plant fruit trees or explore a local orchard. Identification, pollination and lifecycles.

KS12 Plasticology


Become a Garbologist! Explore the story of plastic, find out what problems it causes for wildlife and learn what we can all do to help.

KS12 Water cycle

Water cycle

Visit the water treatment works at Abberton Reservoir to learn about the water cleaning process and water cycle from reservoir to tap.

KS12 Forest School

Forest School

Our qualified leaders deliver child led Forest School increasing wildlife knowledge, practical skills, problem solving and wellbeing.

KS12 Wildlife Areas

Wildlife Areas

Make your grounds great for wildlife again. Plan, create and plant with children. Make bug hotels, willow domes and log piles.

Fossil Hunting

Fossil Hunting

Find out about fossils at the Naze and go on a fossil hunt on the beach for fossilised shells and sharks teeth.

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For bookings and more information contact the Nature Discovery Centre of your choice or the Outdoor Learning team telephone 01621 862992 or email

Visitor centre contact details